Music Of Things

Ole Brolin and I started doing this work and research, because we are intrigued by the idea of what a concert that is played by things would sound like. A concert of musical instruments, household equipment, furniture, machines, etc. playing music on their own. What would it sound like if things could play the music that they would 'want' to play? This might seem a slightly childish question at first, but when you give it more thought you will find that every concert is at least partly a concert of things.

In this work we focus on the question of things as musical actors. Making music is not a purely human affair. Things are always acting in a concert situation and they can (and will) change the course of musical events. The trouble is that things tend to recede into the background; they hide behind the human musicians. Our aim of this work and research is to bring these musical actors to the fore, we want to reveal the music that things are making.